About Suburban Geriatrics

Suburban Geriatrics is an expert, specialized medical practice that treats older patients in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Founded in 1993 by Dr. Robert Pearlstein, our group exists to meet the needs of older and elderly adults throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania.

Our team of geriatric physicians includes: 

  • Dr. Robert Pearlstein
  • Dr. Andrew Graf
  • Dr. Alex Kiotis
  • Dr. Deborah Rattananai
  • Dr. Madeeha Hafeez
  • Dr. Kelly Cavalli
  • Dr. Michele Shrikanthan 
  • Dr. Doug Lawson
  • Dr. Ronald Julia
  • Dr. Rida Shah
  • Dr. Kim Sabadish
  • Dr. Yashoda Rao
  • Dr. Sara Doyle

Completing our medical team are a group of dedicated certified physician assistants, geriatric nurse specialists, social workers and a certified registered nurse practitioner wound specialist. 

Our entire staff is dedicated to delivering the highest standard of medical care for our patients and their families. And thanks to longstanding relationships in our community, we are able to see patients in local hospitals, nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, as well as in their homes as needed.

One of our goals is to provide a relaxed and positive atmosphere that will help our patients, their families and other caregivers navigate through all facets of the aging process. Within this mission, we provide medical treatment, case management, guidance and support that helps "add life to years."


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