Five Things to do When Looking For a Long Term Care Facility

Looking for a long term care facility for a loved one can feel like an overwhelming process. As a leading geriatric practitioner in Southeastern PA, we know what to ask and what to look for. Read on for a few tips.

  1. Speak to Your Doctor: discuss and determine what level of care will best meet your needs. Options include assisted living care, nursing homes and more.
  2. Get the Biggest Bang for Your Buck: assess your financial situation, what is affordable and what are the options.
  3. Location, Location, Location: pick a location that is close to loved ones, friends and your medical care providers.
  4. Go With Your Gut: visit several different choices and see which one feels best
  5. Ask Around: Sometimes "experience" is the best resource you can find. Speak with friends, family members, caregivers, your doctor and anyone else who might be able to offer advice.


May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month!

The American Cancer Society has been around since May of 1913. For over 100 years, the nationwide, voluntary health organization has been dedicated to eliminating cancer and helping spread the word about prevention.

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Ultraviolet (UV) radiation is the main source of skin cancer which most commonly is associated with the sun but can also come from man-made sources, such as welding torches and tanning beds. The risk of skin cancer can greatly be reduced by understanding and practicing healthy habits.

As we move into the warmer months, it’s important to know how to protect yourself and loved ones from the harmful effect of UV rays. By switching your regular moisturizer to a moisturizer with SPF coverage during the next few months and wearing a hat daily can greatly decrease your chances of being exposed to harmful UV rays.

To learn more about skin cancer, you can visit:



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