Creating A Healthy & Supportive Environment

Caring for an elderly patient is about more than just diagnosis and medical treatment. It's about creating an environment that leads to a healthy and happy lifestyle. Our case management and social work services are dedicated to assuring the delivery of quality care and an optimal lifestyle to our patients. 

Our case management services include assessment, coordination and monitoring of various health and human services in order to meet the many needs of our patients and their families as they navigate the aging process.

Our team of social workers collaborates with our medical staff, our patent's relatives and the many available resources within the community in order to provide a comprehensive approach to ensuring good health. 

By incorporating and identifying factors that influence and affect the well-being and quality of life of older adults, we are able to help with the psychosocial, family and economic issues that many elderly patients face.

If you believe a friend, relative or patient would benefit from our case management services, please contact us today. Our social work team is looking forward to getting to know your needs and offering their assistance.


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