Geriatric Expertise In Your Home

Suburban Geriatrics Home-Based Practice is a program designed to provide medical management to home bound older adults in the community. 

To be considered for this service, patients must meet “homebound” criteria.  A patient can be homebound due to medical health problems and physically unable to get to a doctor’s office.  Also, a patient may have a cognitive impairment such as dementia, which interferes with the caregiver’s ability to get the patient to the doctor.  Another example would be a patient who has no family and or limited resources and does not have a reliable means of transportation to see a doctor when necessary.

When a patient is accepted into our home-based practice an initial visit is made to the home by a physician to evaluate and assess the patient’s current medical condition.  A medical history is obtained and a physical examination is performed.

One of our licensed social workers will contact the patient and arrange for a visit.  The social worker will meet with the patient, family and any relevant caregivers to explore the patient's needs and discuss any community resources that might be beneficial.  Every effort is made to connect the patient and family with all available resources to ensure each patient receives the individualized plan of care necessary to meet their needs and provide a safe, supportive living environment.

A Network of Resources for Elderly Adults

Our expertise and experience have allowed us to develop a network of resources that provide a variety of services to our homebound patients.  We are able to utilize mobile x-ray and diagnostic services as well as a variety of specialized medical services such as dental, eye, and podiatry that can provide visits to our homebound patients. 

Home Care agencies are incorporated into the plan for skilled nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy if the patient is medically appropriate.  We also assess each patient and make referrals for medical equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers and hospital beds, and we work closely with each county's Office of Aging. 

All of these resources allow us to diagnose, prescribe and treat our homebound patients appropriately.  Our social worker is responsible for coordinating the home based practice.  Home visits by medical staff are made on a regular basis for routine check-ups and examinations.  Visits are also made if there is a sudden change in the patient's condition or other medical crisis.  These medical visits are made by a physician or physician assistant. 

In addition, our physician’s assistant, and physicians are on call twenty four hours a day and seven days a week for any medical issues.


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